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How To Use Hair Serum For Hair Growth?

How To Use Hair Serum For Hair Growth

Hair Serum For Hair Growth

Hair serums for hair growth can be both styling products and treatment products. These are silicone-based liquid treatments that coat your tresses, treat, style, or protect them. It is a concentration of varying key ingredients that helps smooth out frizzes and helps in everyday styling.

Introducing hair serums to your daily hair care routine will give you a lot of benefits. It softens the hair and nourishes it. Hair serums can induce hair growth. With active ingredients, these serums stimulate dormant hair follicles and improve blood circulation in your scalp, which promotes rapid hair growth and prevents excessive hair fall.

Therefore, while choosing hair serum, decide your desired goals and then pick a serum that satisfies them. onion, moringa, neem, and black castor oil are some potential ingredients that you can look for in a hair serum for hair growth and for reducing hair fall.

Are Hair Oils More Effective Than Hair Serums for Hair Growth?

Hair serums and hair oils are not the same. Oils only nourish the hair, whereas serums style it and make tresses manageable because they are non-sticky compared to hair oils. However, these serums also resolve various issues and problems. There are serums for hair growth, regrowth, and protecting it from heat damage.

What are the Benefits of Hair Serums?

Following are a few benefits hair serums provide along with hair growth:

Why do People Choose Hair Serums for Hair Growth?

Hair serums for hair growth stimulate the dormant hair follicles. Shedding hair is a normal part of the cycle. It is normal to shed fifty to a hundred hairs per day. But the growth of new hair should make up for it. When the amount of hair growth is less than the amount you shed, you have hair growth problems.

Hair serums for hair growth are in huge demand. People are looking for serums that can grow hair because of the following reasons:

Best Ingredients in Hair Serum for Hair Growth

Hair Serums for Hair Growth: Know the Best Options Look out for hair serums that have the following ingredients:

Onion is known for its special properties that help in hair growth, and onion hair serums are very popular. Sulphur in onions helps to build stronger and thicker tresses, as sulphur is also found in keratin, the protein in hair.

Black castor oil increases growth by five times. It prevents breakage and strengthens the hair follicles, thus promoting hair growth. It also increases the blood flow to the scalp, resulting in rapid growth.

Moringa is known for its hair restoration properties. It promotes keratin production, which is the main protein found in hair. With these, it also helps repair damage and strengthens your tresses, reducing hair fall.

Fenugreek is used for treating baldness. It is used in hair regrowth serums as well. Fenugreek is high in protein and has nicotinic acid, which cures dandruff. You can use a serum with fenugreek for softer hair and to reduce hair fall.

Onion Hair Serum For Hair Growth is a great source of sulfur that is found within amino acids, which are components of Keratin. Keratin is known to be sulfur-rich and required for growing strong hair, thus preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Also, it helps to promote collagen production which helps in hair growth. Hair serums for hair growth come with different ingredients. You can choose among the various ingredients that stimulate growth and make your hair stronger and thicker by adding volume. The above-mentioned ingredients make the best serums for hair growth. However, understanding your hair type is a must before you choose the ingredient and the serum.

How to Include Serums in Your Hair Care Routine?

Before you include serums in your hair care routine, you need to know your hair type and the issues you want to rectify. This will help you choose the best hair serum for you. These serums come with various ingredients; choosing the right one is essential.

For oily and fine hair, choose pre-wash hair as applying hair serum on damp hair will further weigh it down. For curly, hard-to-manage hair, a post-wash styling serum is the best choice. Serums are meant to be applied across the length of your hair and not in the roots. serums work the same on coloured hairs as well, so it is a myth that your hair color will fade if you apply sunscreen.

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