8 Potential Health Benefits of Stone Apple You Should Know 

Promotes digestion: Stone apple is known to possess digestive properties that can help in relieving constipation, bloating, and other digestive issues 

Boosts immunity: It is believed that stone apple can strengthen the immune system due to its high content of vitamin C, which helps in fighting off infections and diseases 

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Improves respiratory health: Stone apple is known to be effective in treating respiratory problems such as asthma, cough, and bronchitis 

Lowers blood pressure: The fruit contains potassium, which can help in regulating blood pressure levels, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases 

Aids weight loss: Stone apple is low in calories and high in fiber, which can help in promoting weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight 

Anti-inflammatory properties: The fruit contains compounds with anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reducing inflammation in the body 

Rich in antioxidants: Stone apple is a rich source of antioxidants, which can help in protecting the body from free radical damage, thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases 

Good for skin and hair: The fruit contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the skin and hair, and can help in improving their health and appearance