How to apply liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is one of the best makeup products for flawless cat eyes, graphic wings, and striking lines. And while you might think that learning how to apply liquid eyeliner is difficult, you can master any style of liquid eyeliner eye makeup you choose with a little practice. So regardless of whether you have been wearing liquid eyeliner for years or only have one in your IPSY Glam bag, we offer you these three fluid eyeliner techniques for every eye shape and ability.

Types of liquid eyeliner

“I love liquid eyeliner because it’s super versatile,” says Daniel Chinchilla, celebrity makeup artist (his customers include cat-eye enthusiast Ariana Grande) and KVD VEGAN BEAUTY ambassador. “You can make supernatural eyeliner graces, super strong and sharp eyeliners, and everything in between.” However, while there are many different types of eyeliner (and our eyeliner guide told the truth), there are only two main types of liquid eyeliner: felt-tipped liquid eyeliner and brush-tipped liquid eyeliner.

Brush-tipped liquid eyeliners, like Glam Bag’s most popular KVD VEGAN BEAUTY tattoo eyeliner, have loose, flexible, brush-like bristles. Because of this, beginners may get a little more used to the practice, but they are great for creating from thick to fine lines and a variety of styles, such as:

Like MORPHE’s liquid felt pen eyeliner, the drink felt pen eyeliners are stiffer than the tips of a brush, making them great for creating thick, intense eyeliners with wings. Because the information is firm rather than made of bristles (like a brush-tipped applicator), liquid felt-tipped eyeliners can provide a higher color release (i.e., the pigment appears darker on the skin) and can be easier for beginners. Control, especially if you’re looking for a sharp and defined cat’s eye.

Opting for a felt brush or a liquid eyeliner will, of course, depend on the type of look you want to create and your level of comfort with each applicator. Whichever product you choose, however, the following techniques will make applying liquid eyeliner a breeze.

How to apply liquid eyeliner  to a beginner

If you are new to liquid eyeliner experience, don’t worry, we are here to take the guesswork out of your eyeliner application. The following technique is excellent for beginners or those with shaky hands and works exceptionally well on monolithic, round, and almond-shaped eye shapes.

Technique # 1: Connect the dots

  1. Start by supporting the elbow of the arm you plan to use to apply the eyeliner on a flat surface in front of a mirror.
  2. Hold the liquid eyeliner like a pencil and fix the little finger on the cheek; Again, this should be the little finger on your hand that you use to apply the eyeliner.
  3. Look forward or tilt your head back slightly and look in the mirror so you can see your upper lash line better.

Start by making small dots or strips as close to the lash line as possible, keeping the brush at eye level.

  1. When you have reached the end of the upper lash line, continue the points at a slight angle to the end of the brow to the desired point. Connect these points with short, feathery strokes to create a golden border. “I like to flinch putt wings on the eyeliner fair before I get to the end of the eye,” says Chinchilla. “Most eyes go down last, so it’s finest not to follow the fall with eyeliner. However, there are no rules as to where your grand piano should stop. Make it as quick or long as you like. It’s always best to start small and move on to more spectacular eyeliner styles. “

6.If you have a solid color eye shape or don’t have much room for your lids, start your wing from the lower lashes. Work from the outer edge of the lower lash line to the end of the brow then brushes to the top of the lash line. Fill in space, and you will have an excellent graphic wing shape.

Finish off the look by applying an eyeshadow of similar color to mark the line and applying mascara.

How to apply liquid eyeliner when you’re. advanced

You may have used liquid eyeliner multiple times or even every day, but you still have to erase some mishaps with makeup remover or concealer more often than you love. This method is a model for those who have experience with liquid eyeliner or have almond-shaped or upturned eyes.

Technique # 2: Inside Out

  1. Place your elbow on the arm you use to apply your eyeliner on a flat surface in front of a mirror.
  2. Look forward or tilt your head slightly back and look in the mirror until you can see your upper lash line.
  3. Start in the center of your eyelid. If necessary, place your little finger on your cheek and draw a single line from the top of the lash line to the outer corner of the eye.
  4. Next, draw a second line from the middle of the eyelid, but at a slightly steeper angle than the first, so that the two lines form an unfilled triangle when they meet at the outer corner of the eye.
  5. Fill in the triangle with long, flowing lines from the outer corner of the eye. Make sure the tip of the eyeliner stays as close to the lash line as possible, especially when you get close to the inner corner of the eye.
  6. For a more dramatic or graphic look, stroke the lower lash line with the eyeliner, then sweep the outer corner up to connect with the thickest part of the wing at the upper lash line (to look like that the branch is getting longer) as well. from the lower lash line).
  7. Finally, set the line with an eyeshadow of a similar color and apply a few coats of mascara.

How to apply liquid eyeliner to a professional

Who Needs a Professional Makeup Artist? When it comes to liquid eyeliner, you’re calm, cool, collected, and ready to rock whatever style you want. The following technique is a quick and easy way to add your makeup toolkit and is ideal for those with steady hands and almond-shaped or downward-looking eyes.

Technique # 3: the outside-inside

  1. Place your elbow on a flat surface in front of a mirror for better control.
  2. Look straight ahead or tilt your head back and look at yourself slightly in the mirror, as you are used to!
  3. Start at the outer corner of the eye and brush the liquid liner from the outer corner of the eye inward to the eyelid, but stay close to the lash line.
  4. Repeat the stroke, but this time do not hit the upper lash line until you reach the center of your eyelid so that you have an unfilled triangle.
  5. Fill in the triangle by moving the brush further towards the inner corner of the eye. As always, keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible.
  6. If you want your eyes to look higher, do not bring the eyeliner to the inner half of the eye. Instead, slowly narrow the liner so that it disappears near the center of the upper lash line.
  7. Set the eyeliner with eyeshadow and finish with mascara.

Technique No. 4:

There are so many ways to wear liquid eyeliner, whether you want a dreamy wing or the sharpest cat eye in the world. While these techniques form the basis for future eyeliner experiments, don’t be afraid to tweak them and adapt them to your skill level and eye shape. And of course, remember to wear every look you create confidently!

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